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Agoda Hotel Deals in Ayutthaya

Agoda Hotel Deals in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Once the capital of the Kingdom of Siam, Ayutthaya has gone on to become one of Thailand's leading historical sites, with an incredible collection of ruins in the city center. Many visitors arrive from Bangkok by bus or train and find accommodation in Ayutthaya along the popular Naresuan Road. The main tourist attractions in Ayutthaya are on the island formed by a bend in the river. The historical park here was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rambling temples and majestic Buddha images. Tourists can explore the park on foot or by bicycle. The spires standing over the park are reminiscent of ancient Cambodia, and some even liken Ayutthaya to a scaled-down version of Angkor Wat. Tourists here can enjoy a range of activities. Most hotels on the riverside rent out bicycles, and elephant riding around the ruins is also popular. For lovers of pachyderms, the Ayuttha Elephant Camp is a must on the itinerary. Most tourists arrive in Ayutthaya by train from Bangkok, a trip of around 90 minutes. The Ayuttha Train Station is east of the city center, and getting from here to the hotels requires a short walk and a ferry ride across the river.

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